Thank you for referring your patient to Manhattan Gastroenterology. It is our desire to serve you and your patients with high quality gastroenterology care. Because an outpatient evaluation requires a significant amount of time, there may be a wait to get an appointment. We will make every attempt to see your patients in an appropriately timely manner, provide a thorough and thoughtful evaluation, and keep you informed of our evaluation and findings. Dr. Zachary strives to see as many new patients as possible. Mandi Barnes FNP-C is experienced in gastroenterology evaluation and is available for new consults if you or your patient do not want to wait to be seen by Dr. Zachary. Dr. Zachary reviews all notes and will also meet briefly with your patient if he is in the office at the time of the consultation.

We do offer direct referral endoscopy for screening colonoscopies and other straight-forward indications.

New Patient Referrals

In order for new patients to schedule an appointment, a provider must fax a completed Referral Form to our office at 785-539-4425. Please provide the following information:

We consider it a privilege to serve you and your patients.