Our Mission & Vision


  • Thoroughly address the physical needs of our patients, while considering the spiritual and social aspects of illness
  • Provide educational information and materials
  • Try to model and encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Remain up-to-date on the latest advances, technologies, and patient care practices

Throughout history physicians have been viewed as healers. However, their role was largely pastoral in helping patients and families cope with illness and dying. In the last century there have been tremendous advancements in diagnosis and treatment. Many diseases can be completely healed. While this is a great blessing, it is also true that some of the art of healing has been lost to the technology and business of healing. At Manhattan Gastroenterology, we strive to heal through the means of modern medical technology as well as the time honored art of listening, caring, touching, and praying.


  • Listen well to the needs of our patients
  • Communicate in a timely and effective manner by phone, electronically, and face-to-face
  • Provide charity care in cooperation with Flint Hills Community Clinic
  • Support and participate in medical missions

Many people are worried that the concern and compassion of modern medicine is being replaced by economics and advancing technology. At Manhattan Gastroenterology, we believe there is hope for our healthcare system and we desire to be a part of a transformation of healthcare back to its roots of a ministry and calling. We believe each human life is precious because we are all created in the image of God. We also believe there is hope beyond the sufferings of this life in Christ Jesus and are willing to share this hope with those who are interested.


Some people have lost trust in the modern healthcare system. There’s a lot of "mystique" in how the current system works. At Manhattan Gastroenterology, we believe we are to be truthful and transparent in our interactions with all parties. We’ll make every effort to be transparent and help our patients understand why we are ordering diagnostic tests and treatments as well as what we charge for our services. If there is a perception of unfairness in our dealings we will make every effort to remedy the situation.


  • Value and respect all people as made in the image of God
  • Provide a welcoming and professional office atmosphere with open lines of communication

With the amazing advances in medical diagnosis and the increasing emphasis on medical costs these days, people can feel as though they’re being treated as a "disease" or a "number." At Manhattan Gastroenterology, we believe each patient should be treated as a valued person, that is, with dignity and respect. We desire to treat each person as we would want to be treated if we were in the same circumstances. All people are created in the image of God, and for that reason, are to be treated with dignity and respect.

A Christian Context

All people are created as physical and spiritual beings, and for that reason, are to be treated with acknowledgement of both physical and spiritual needs. Because God is the giver of life, He alone has the right to end life. Therefore, we honor all life – preborn, elderly, feeble, or handicapped. Because God is ultimately the one who allows healing, He deserves the glory for healing that occurs. Therefore, we glorify Him when we use the gifts of our skills and abilities, the gifts of science and modern technologies, and also the supernatural means of prayer to promote physical and spiritual well being.

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