We at Manhattan Gastroenterology strive to heal through the means of modern medical technology as well as the time-honored art of listening, caring, touching, and praying. We envision a healthcare system firmly grounded in compassion and excellence and returned to its humanitarian roots. We desire to provide excellent and compassionate healthcare within a Christian context, characterized by healing, hope, honesty, and hospitality.

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Thoroughly address the physical needs of our patients, while considering the spiritual and social aspects of illness
Provide educational information and materials
Try to model and encourage healthy lifestyles
Remain up-to-date on the latest advances, technologies, and patient care practices
Listen well to the needs of our patients
Communicate in a timely and effective manner by phone, electronically, and face-to-face
Provide charity care in cooperation with Flint Hills Community Clinic
Support and participate in medical missions
Be transparent in financial processes
Practice integrity in all our interactions
Value and respect all people as made in the image of God
Provide a welcoming and professional office atmosphere with open lines of communication
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